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February 20, 2012
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February 24, 2012
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I seem to have been heading out a lot as of late. This time it was to have a quick squizz at an MR2 belonging to one of Winnie’s mates. Unfortunately, being useless with a camera still meant no real pics of it, only bits and pieces of it and a couple of others.

The best looking part of this car was its engine bay. So colourful, and yet still manages to look clean and relatively uncluttered for a miniature mid engined, rear wheel drive.

Not that you can really tell, but the paint on this thing is terrible. It looks so unloved from the exterior. Prior to its current owner, the car was left sitting in the open for long enough to let the clear coat peel from almost every possible panel.

Another car I managed to get a couple of decent pics from is this canary yellow lancer.

The Evo 5 pictured, belongs to another close mate. I love but hate this car. Near stock, it looks a million bucks from every angle. Who knew of a car you could shoot from any angle and pictures still turn out half decent?

Adjustable aluminium spoiler. Standard.

Irene is watching you masturbate...

Winnie’s odd little car hiding in the bushes. If you ask a few p platers getting around, it has an RB26dett under the bonnet (I’m pretty sure the guy just knows how to use four wheel drive when launching…).

Few more pics to keep you entertained. Peace.



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