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Okay, for those of you who know me, you’ll know that I have an unexplainable love for the Japanese ‘Kei’ style cars, particularily those with outrageous or ‘in-your-face’ styling. Harley’s 1994 L200 Mira is just one such car.

Sharknose Mira

The first thing that really stands out with this car is obviously the custom ‘sharknose’ front end and the Work Equip 01’s (measuring 13×6+12 13×7+12 with 145/70/13’s stretched over!)

The TRXX replica ducktail wing complements the agressive front end nicely

The insane looking camber is provided by slotted strut top mounts

Got stretch? While being rather impractical, damn it looks good!

With all the restrictions and crackdowns on “hooning” these days, if i ever had to go back to wearing P plates, I’d want it to be in something like this. If it can’t go fast (the Mira is powered by a 660cc 3 cyl), then it may as well look good!

All the photo’s you see before you were taken by Harley himself.


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  1. taylor says:

    NIce!! awesome car and awesome article!!

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