MADDinc Sessions 2

Imre’s mk3 Golf VR6
April 13, 2012
Video: MADDinc Sessions 2
April 25, 2012

The second MADDinc Drift Day went off without a hitch on Saturday, and spectators showed up en masse. With a decent field of cars from throughout Queensland, and a beautiful vantage point no matter where you stood, you can understand why.

This time around, Tandem Drifting was allowed, and four cars took up the offer. Matt and Alex from Townsville (above) and two Holden utes that I didn’t get a chance to snap or meet the drivers.

Ben made up for n/a power with a few brave pills judging by the way he was driving, throwing the little Levin into the corners hard.

Matt was out all day, and with Alex’s help, I think they used every available tyre there on the day. With Alex leaving for Ebisu Matsuri a few days later, sometimes you wonder how they afford it.

This 32 tried his best to run me over earlier in the day, just managing to pull up before the tyre barrier in the center of the track.

Skyline’s seemed to be the weapon of choice, with a veritable plethora taking to the track. The owner of the above didn’t seem to care too much about his engine, spending the majority of track time the way it was supposed to be done; on limiter.

Turns out Commodore’s aren’t only built for straight lines, with the driver of this ute showing everyone how it’s done.

Young Shane got defected on his way to the track after a decent night out in Airlie Beach. He managed pretty well considering it was his first track day and the stock diff spinning singles into the afternoon.

Kudos to the guys at MADDinc for letting me out on track. Was my first time that close to the cars, and I’ll definitely be making a habit of it where possible. Next time though, I might need a photographer to come with, hopefully I’ll be out on track too. If anyone is interested, let me know. Will pay in love and beer.

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Cheers to Alex for the rides. I’m trying to put together a video with footage from throughout the day, and that will be posted soon.



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