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July 9, 2012
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August 13, 2012
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GTi-R owners are used to judging looks and stifled laughs that come with telling people that you’re a Pulsar owner. An odd looking hatchback covered in vents and scoops, I find the GTi-R is oft confused with the humble Starlet GT. Regardless of how you think it looks, Luke’s GTi-R is a far cry from the conjured image of a worn out wheezy granny-mobile.


For those of you who don’t know, the GTi-R was Nissans (albeit failed) attempt at entering the WRC championship. Fitted with one of the most powerful SR20 engines of its time, bristling with individual throttles and a decent sized turbo hanging off the block. This equates to a decent amount of power from a stock standard ‘hairdressers’ car and coupled with an AWD system, it surprises many on take off.



Luke has improved on Nissans design by swapping to a Garret GT3540 turbo, mounted on a custom high mount manifold blowing into a modified version of the stock intake thanks to the guys at Metalcraft Marine. Exhaust gases have no trouble exiting through the custom 3″ sidepipe (with individual screamer) also courtesy of Metalcraft Marine. Cooling is handled by a customised PWR water to air intercooler and a modified 50mm aluminium radiator, with all intercooler piping done by… you guessed it, Metalcraft Marine! A Tial 44mm Wastegate, Turbosmart Dual Stage BOV, Turbosmart fuel reg, Turbosmart E-Boost 2 and an EMS 4860 ECU finish off the engine package, providing 315awhp and an 11.9 on street tyres.



Power is transferred with a heavy duty single plate clutch and a PPG straight cut 1st – 4th gearset. Handling is provided by cusco front and rear strut braces and Tein SuperStreet coilovers, ensuring the car doesn’t unexpectedly decide to become one with the surround trees or a powerpole. A Crazy Hornet carbon fibre front lip, Crazy Hornet carbon fibre canards, Crazy Hornet carbon fibre grill and Carbon fibre front and rear door cards ensures that causes any passing by carbon fibre enthusiasts to promptly require a box of kleenex or a shamwow.

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for me, this is like looking at how I always dreamed my own GTi-R would end up one day.  THe only real plans Luke has from here apart from enjoying the car, is to get the engine rebuilt with forged internals, which is scheduled to happen later this year.




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