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August 28, 2013
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October 20, 2014
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Saturday the 26th saw the first time MADDinc held a Reverse Track event at the Whitsunday Raceway. This same event held the second clipping point competition with another two drivers qualifying for the upcoming Tandem Competition.


Place getters from left to right; Daniel Stagg, Tyler Walker, Jack Turner.


It was a hot day that claimed its share of cars, with Matt Siegmeier – fresh from QLD Matsuri – having to retire after the 3rd round of the clipping point competition due to a suspected spun bearing.

IMG_1861 IMG_1834 IMG_1809

While the new layout was exciting to watch, the drivers appeared to be enjoying the challenge with Jake mentioning that the new back section made the track a lot faster and much more technical.

IMG_1707 IMG_1669 IMG_1633

It was not a good day for Alex in his s15. Finally making it back to track tearing apart his oil pump and rebuilding his SR, the car wouldn’t start with a timing issue. Not one to do things halfway, Alex managed to get out to show the car who’s boss and finding out it clearly wasn’t him with a silicone joint catching fire. While this dampened the spirits, it didn’t dampen the ‘Can Do Attitude’ (lolCambell) of one dedicated drifter, again getting the car on track to finish out the day.

IMG_1481 IMG_1472 IMG_1447 IMG_1406 IMG_1400

Tye got his amazing Onevia on track again, and while we didn’t get a chance for a photo session I did get a chance for some of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken!

IMG_1399IMG_1384 IMG_1379

Final results:

1st Tyler Walker – 60pts

2nd Jack Turner – 50pts

3rd Daniel Stag – 40pts

4th Matt Seigmeier – 30pts

5th Chris Conway – 25pts

6th Tye Hunt – 20pts

7th Malcom Conway – 15pts

8th Michael Kiely – 10pts

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