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For a while now, Ziptie has been moving in a direction I never intended. It stopped being my personal blog and turned into something… different…

Different is an objective word, and in this case I’m seeing it from depths of something much more demanding and a lot less fun than was originally anticipated. In short: this has become a chore.

People don’t seem to realise why I get angry when the finger is pointed at me for missing something that isn’t worth my time to take notice of and/or pay attention to. I’m sorry, but this is not the newspaper. This is not where you go to vent your anger that there aren’t any pictures of your “sweet ride” from the last meet. It is definitely not where you go to say that you could do this better.

Photo Credit: Luke Greensill Photography

I’m devo’d that I couldn’t get to JapNQ or the Townsville drift day, but with Ebisu Matsuri looming ever closer and work the way it has been; some things are just not possible. So if I don’t post anything about an event, no I didn’t go, and even if there is a chance that I may have, I possibly could have done what I always used to do – go to an event to enjoy myself. Photographing an event is not always an easy task, and I applaud those who do without venting their frustration, but that isn’t me. What could I possibly do with more Facebook likes? What good is going to come to me for having you share an image on social media? I don’t do this for profit. I’m here because I love cars and I believe that everyone should be able to see what I believe is worth seeing.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 7.04.34 pmI also believe that what my friends do and see is worth a look too, so this is Ziptie going back to its roots. I don’t think it’s going backwards, I believe that it’s only going to get bigger and better and that is why I have invited all of my friends to take part in shaping and pushing forward with this site. You will see a lot more builds, events, shenanigans and general stirring of the pot, and when I feel up for it I’ll attend a meet or two and get my Pro-tographer on for everyone to enjoy. For now though, you’ll have to be content with the knowledge that more is coming and that you’ll know about it when it’s here.

So with that rant over, don’t be afraid to check back soon for a lot more content, a few potato photos/videos and soon, a short film I’ll be making about the time I’m going to spend in Japan with a few mates and WAGS.

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