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October 31, 2014
Doof doof and bright lights
December 15, 2014

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved cars, growing up in a family that often considered a car just a mode of transportation I think they found it a bit strange when I would stare at a nice car that would overtake us on the highway, I’d beg for dad to speed up to try and catch him but I was always given a strange look and told that was just ‘silly’ (pretty sure its the same look dad gives me now when I talk about cars).

Every weekend I would sit in front of my 46cm screen tv watching black and white/colour pictures (depending on how well i could get the bunny ears to work) of racing on the tv while my dad would be watching the sportsball upstairs, from the V8 supercar rounds (Bathurst is still my favourite) to various rally stages – I’d even stay up late and watch F1 rounds when it was shown though I thought they were suicidal.

When my brother got a VL for his first car I thought it was the fastest thing in the world, with its auto transmission and ‘power’ function it was unbeatable! shortly after that I was introduced to imports when one day we were overtaken by an Evo 3 and a r32 Skyline racing down the street.
The mix of turbo spool, loud exhaust and BOV flutter was like heaven to my teenage ears and I knew that this was my thing.

After owning a 1L Charade that refused to die, a Ce lancer that had more neons then I care to admit and a CC GSR that was riddled with a rusty roof ,”custom” wiring and was a huge money pit I decided I wanted to own a legit import. Having loved the GSR when it was actually running I knew it had to be an Evo… but which one?? Eventually I found this clean example of an Evo 5.


I’ve owned the car for three years now and have loved every minute of owning it, after missing out on buying a local TME by sheer bad timing I jumped back on car sales and was graced with this for sale add – all I could think was good god what an obnoxious colour!! But I knew straight away that I had found the evo that I’d always wanted. Four days later Winnie and I were on a plane to Brisbane to take it for a drive, a quick punt through some corners and a blast on the highway and I was hooked – this thing had to be mine!


All the shiny!

Fast forward three years later and the never-ending quest for more fasts and track time has bit hard, I recently raced the Evo for the first time at the Annual Marque club Reid Park sprint round at the back of the V8 track and for round 6 of the sprint series at Sun City Raceway and thoroughly enjoyed the weekends but could tell my current setup could use some improvements.



Dyno Sheet Comparing when I first got to how it is now


Gone are the days of just a cheap boost controller and an exhaust! The car is now running a map ef3 and a set of tomei type r cams at just 23.5psi making a neat 240kw, to say it has a nice idle is an understatement!! this turbo has alot more in it but unfortunately my engine does not but none the less it pulls hard for a lil 2L! I took it to Palmyra a few months ago and managed a 12.9 with a few problems with the car to say the least, nether the less it will get another run in the near future.



So now that most of the club racing has finished for the year I plan to upgrade a lot of aspects of the car with the way it handles and brakes to be more competitive next year, hopefully I might even be home for a hill climb round this time, Anyways lots more to come so keep an eye out for a whole lot more of shiny things coming the Evos way.

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