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March 19, 2015
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August 2, 2015
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So I’ve been having trouble finding the motivation to do anything to this car for a while. One thing always lead to another and nothing seemed to be going my way. Parts that wouldn’t suit, work that wasn’t completed properly, and the never-ending cycle of fix one part, find two more broken.


Fortunately now though, I have managed to get some of the way towards having this beast back on the road. Even though it won’t be perfect, and the long hiatus is going to have taken it’s toll on seals and hoses; I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks in no small part to the motivation Japan has given me and the help I’ve had off the guys at Proximity.


To catch up to date, I have done a fair amount of work in dribs and drabs. Things that really seem insignificant when you look at the overall picture, but contribute in a huge way to how the car will present itself once it’s back on the road.


I finally have a working (read: should work) stereo with ‘custom’ speaker mounts and an antenna switch
Wiring tidied up behind DIN units
PFC Hand Commander is now run into the glove box
Sleepy eye controller has been installed
R200 diff has been shimmed, rear cover replaced with larger skyline item
5 stud conversion on the rear
5 bolt half shafts fitted
Skyline handbrake conversion with Project Mu Pads


And with the help of the guys at Proximity:

Moroso sealed battery box and a small battery have been mounted in the boot – yet to be wired
Rear cradle reinforced and painted
Rear cradle bushes changed for solid items
Intercooler piping hole through battery tray has been chopped out and replaced with new sheet metal


Considering the amount of time it has taken me to get this far, it really isn’t much. The list of parts I have waiting to be installed and money I have spent on poor workmanship prior to dealing with Leon and the guys at Proximity is phenomenal. I am now up to engine #4 for this car, and am yet to begin installation on any of said engines. Thanks to a Bman though, I now have an engine that I know will turn over and make compression. It’s not full of rust, and all of it’s pistons look like pistons. All that needs to be done is slap it in and make it go. Should be easy, right?


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