A Moderately Epic Wishlist

Making lists, not progress
June 8, 2015
JapNQ 2015
September 25, 2015

By early 2011 I had carefully devised a plan of what I wanted to upgrade, and in what order, and posted it on NissanSilvia.com for the world to see.


I was keen to get involved in a local sprint series, so my build plan was focused mainly on that.  It sort of went like this:

all the things


Step juan:  Get a second set of rims and tires to race on, as track work eats rubber like nobodies business, and I wanted to keep my CR Kais for daily use.
Get some decent brake pads that are reasonable for street use, and able to withstand light track work.
And a strut brace, because it’s a cheap and easy suspension mod.

Step B:  Grab some GTR Brembos, as they’re a proven upgrade for S15’s, and there was plenty of write-ups on how to put them on.
Get dem coilovers for all dem lows stiffs.
And of course with stiffs, you need adjustabless, so I’d buy ALL the adjustable suspension arms.

Step next:  Power!  I intended to shove a front-mount up the….err, front.  Trying to keep the car street legal, I was looking at GKTech’s “No Holes Intercooler” to avoid cutting a hole to run piping through the battery tray.
Push some more psi’s through with an electronic boost controller.
And keep it all safe and under control with rocker arm stoppers, a Z32 air flow meter and a Nistune or Power FC.

I figured that was where the S15 would stay for a while, but I still had bigger goals in mind.

My plans led me to Step Winning:  This was the long-term wishlist, and pretty much looked like a typically sorted sr20; full intake and exhaust including the plenum and manifold; bigger fuel system; a Garret GT2871R; mild cams that keep the Variable Cam Timing; a full aftermarket ecu; and flared or pumped guards to fit wider rims.

I carefully followed this plan very closely, starting with a GKTech strut brace.  A small deviation happened, I had a friendly rivalry with a close friend and we were going to the drags, so another friend and I snuck in a GReddy PRofec B Spec II electronic boost controller for a few more psi’s.  Over the next few months I had a few emergencies that chewed into my money, stopping me from getting back to my mod plan.

Then something very not good happened…..

dat circlip


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