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August 2, 2015
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October 3, 2015

After spending a long weekend away, attending any meet that involves something other than coffee, paracetamol and bacon is not generally high on my ‘to do’ list. But just this once, I’m glad that I made the exception of driving an extremely loud X110 the four hours from Airlie beach to Townsville ensuring that I made it to JapNQ. And happy that I did is an understatement.


For those who don’t know, JapNQ is an annual show and shine held in Townsville. The event is run in conjunction with the Marque Sports Car Register North Queensland Inc. during the Tutt Bryant Hire Reid Park sprint event. JapNQ is a free to view, all Japanese car display open to the public with a $10 entry fee for participants to enter their vehicles.


All money raised by the event goes directly to the Townsville based DECAMAG (Driver Education Centre and Motorsport Action Group) who are currently lobbying for funding to build what will be an automotive haven of epic proportion.


This was the fourth JapNQ event and each one has been bigger and better with this version having over 80 of the best Japanese vehicles from North Queensland entering.


I’m not sure if it was just me, but the JZ engine seemed to dominate the pit complex with so many Toyota X series and Supra variants everywhere you turned.


Anthony: ‘Who the hell is this guy and is he going to buy a cooler?’


Yes officer, she’s stock…





There were two very clean (one is rather obnoxious) rotary power plants adorning the Civic theatre end of the carpark garnering much attention of anyone within eyeshot. Engine bays, paint, interior; all show quality. And amazingly, both street registered and both appeared to be street driven.


The supercharger adorning this piece of mazda mastery looks to be lifted from something that should have an extra 4.7L of engine volume, but based on the noise – my god, the noise! – it made, I daresay the roll cage would be rather necessary when heading down the strip.






By the time I made it through the carpark, it was time for a lunch break for the racers and those behind the scenes who make it happen. Thankfully both Kim and the driver of an Evo VII came to the rescue and gave the Spectators a few things to cheer about.




And with that, it was getting late. The 5 hour trek back to Mackay wasn’t getting any shorter so I had to call it a day. A huge thanks to the organisers Brad and Anthony for inviting me and to Marque for helping the event happen.

Looking forward to next year!

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