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September 25, 2015
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October 29, 2015

So in mid 2012, the giant circlip that holds the exhaust housing on the turbo had split.



I don’t have the money for this.
Tax time is coming, and I’ve got a shit tonne of annual leave I could cash out.

Luckily, the turbo had still held together and hadn’t assploded through everything.  But what do I do now?

The simplest option was obviously to buy another S15 T28 and chuck it in and be on my merry way.  But…..I planned to eventually replace the turbo, why would I buy one that I was only going to get rid of in the future?

I had been talking a fair bit with a friend of mine, Chris Hunter (aka ‘Panda’ from Panda Garage), about my original list of planned mods and what brands he had played with.  He had a lot more real life experience with a variety of cars and set-ups.  The first choice we had to make was a turbo.  Being a brand whore, I shied away from the cheap Kinugawa/Kando turbos that were becoming popular, as they were fairly new and unproven.  I gravitated more toward Garrett turbos because I understood the sizes and naming conventions.  As far a size went, even though I felt that a GT3071R was the perfect size for an sr20det, I thought that it would require too many upgrades and cost too much to get it working.  A GT2871R, on the other hand, could be done with minimal supporting mods.  We opted to reuse the standard T28’s wastegate actuator, to help save as much of the available budget as possible.

Just as I was about to order a ‘No Holes Intercooler Kit’ I was strong armed into buying a Plazmaman intercooler kit, and don’t regret it for a moment.  As a compulsive necessity, I had the core and all the piping coated black from Plazmaman themselves.


The turbo and ‘cooler were ordered through Australia Racing Technologies (ART).  As they had just started up they were eager to get their name out, and gave me an extraordinary deal.

Panda had a spare GTR fuel pump that he was willing to donate, so all we needed now was an ecu.  There was a local bloke who was popular for tuning imports, and we asked him what he preferred to tune with.  He gave us a very good price for the supply and tuning of an Adaptronic plug and play ecu.

To round out the deal, I also bought the tiniest battery most people have seen fitted in a car, to accommodate the intercooler piping (an Odyssey PC680 for those that are wondering); and a Zeitronix zt-3 wideband O2 sensor with mini display.

battery wideband

With everything ordered, well, insert your best ‘Scott Pilgrim waiting for a parcel’ imitation here.

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