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October 3, 2015
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For the past ten or so years a group called DECAMAG has been working behind the scenes in Townsville to try and get a much needed driver training and motorsport precinct established in the town, for a place where the V8 supercars has been such a success in the five years it has been here you would think it would be fairly easy but that has not been the case.

Community support has been steadily growing over the years as people see the need for this facility with the ever growing death toll on our roads and the constant answer being that we need…  apparently more speed cameras. I for one believe the best way to fix this issue is driver training – guiding young people as they learn to drive in a controlled and safe environment where bad habits can be erased quickly and children can learn how to respond to a vehicles loss of control without the risk of injury.

From the push by the motorsport clubs that make up DECAMAG they have managed to secure a parcel of land out in Calcium – a suburb approximately 20-30 minutes west of town, a good distance from Townsville so as to hopefully reduce any noise complaints about the facility and yet not be too far away to drive for anybody. Some may think its too far but knowing from experience if you have ever driven to a large track in a major city you will often have to drive two hours one way just to get there so i think we are getting a pretty good deal.


This is a draft put together for the proposed facility, hoping to incorporate as many forms as motorsport into the parcel of land as possible, from DECAMAG has come DRIVE IT NQ the company that will run and manage the track/s when it all gets built. Saturday was the kick off to our fundraising campaign and community support was overwhelming.


Before we had even finished setting up for the day we had people lined up to donate to our cause and it was great to see, we had 5 areas where anybody could stop and donate money to our Stop The Toll – Pay The Toll campaign and at the one i manned on Saturday we had a total of 318 cars – not a bad start to our fundraising efforts and it was great to see people from all walks of life happy to donate and to get rid of their shrapnel!


We even had a happy visit from the local police! No defects here Mr Officer, move along please 🙂


All in all it was a great effort by all the clubs yesterday for this fundraising event, and a massive thanks to everybody that was involved with the running of the marque toll area you can pat yourself on the back for a hard days work. Over the coming months/ Year there will be more community fundraising events held by DRIVE IT NQ to help get us towards our ultimate goal of having a driver training and motorsport facility which will benefit everybody. Community support really needs to be shown here to convince government on all levels to put in the big dollars to fund such a big project. Anyways i hope to see everybody at our next fundraising effort towards our very own race track!

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