Pre-JapNQ meet 2013

Fundraising for a new Motorsport Precinct
October 29, 2015
Making Time
November 13, 2015

This post is about a month and a half overdue, but better late than never right? The following collection of photos were taken by Joobie on August 31st, the night before JapNQ

Going through some old pictures and unfinished articles, I stumble across this gem from back in 2013.

This article was as much about me taking a few pics on a cruise, as it was promoting JapNQ. Unfortunately it never made it online; but now here it is, with the images in all their grainy glory! To quote Winnie: “better late than never right?”

IMG_0110 IMG_0107 IMG_0037 IMG_0060 IMG_0063 IMG_0072 IMG_0098 IMG_0008 IMG_0001

Calm ya farm Winnie, we still love you <3

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