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Pre-JapNQ meet 2013
November 5, 2015
ICE, Hearts and Parts
November 23, 2015

Hello world, it’s about damn time I finally pulled finger and updated where this car is at. As I say every time I actually post about it. Well, being the interested gentleman – lets be honest, not many women are going to read my drivel – you are, time has been put aside to allow you the catch up you deserve.

I have to start by saying that I like big brand names. As does everyone. Fortunately for me though, having the car off the road for so long allows me to save for big brand name bits. So here is a quick roundup of some of the parts that I’ve bought for this old girl so far:

SSR SP1 Professor in all their 17″ glory


Desperately in need of a fix up after their previous owners (plural) used them as skid rims. Will be getting rebarrelled to my own specs if I can source the stepped lips. Helpful dog was not helpful.

Pic of aforementioned dog when she was tiny and less of a fat mess


What does she have to do with cars? Nothing! Except that now I can’t leave anything out of the shed unless I want it chewed to a million pieces…

Some brand spanking centre caps for the SP1’s


HDI FMIC with attached Turbosmart BOV


It’s just a new version of what came on the car when I bought it. The original core was battered and bruised after an argument with a trailer, and the pipe work had several holes from rub-throughs due to the crap install.


Pivot RHU-M for sleepy eye


Inserted into the din slot with a hidden switch for the radio aerial. Not keen on having it up 24/7 but I do want to keep it for any decent length drives the car goes on.

Also have a form of entertainment to go with the aerial switch


s15 Front hubs and knuckles for the 5 stud conversion


And a bunch more that I can’t seem to recall and/or find photos of as I type this. Some decent named brands too like PBM, PWR, Velo, Taarks, KoyoRad and Tomei. The front end of the car isn’t much to look at either right now, with Proximity Motorsport looking after some of my steering setup and the magical knuckle wizard Pete, from Sushi DC, taking care of business (when I find the time to drop my s15 knuckles off).

Will update with those and the new engine parts as soon as I can get some more photos. Will also stop using my phone and start using my camera. Soz.

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