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Braking it down
November 29, 2015
Video: Japan Trip 2014
August 6, 2016

If I could tell old me from four and a half years ago about where I would be today with the Evo I think I would have laughed at myself, when I bought that car it was keep it stock and just enjoy it. Unfortunately, silly me couldn’t do that, so here I am this present day with a car in a thousand pieces and one hell of a long road for it to travel before it will be back up and running again – its been over a year since my last post and a lot has changed!

Over the Xmas/ new year period of 2014/15 I decided to swap out a few bits I had lying around –  new front brakes, rear toe arms, coilovers and rims were put on the car to start to point me in the direction that I wanted to take the car. I now had an issue that I had ignored that was now sinking its teeth into my brand new tyres. A metal inner lip needs to be removed once going to a larger wheel setup. I had decided this was the time that I would also get my very underwhelming paint job sorted out, because it was starting to look very aids and had frustrated me for a very long time. Considering I plan to run much wider rims than factory the stock guards were never going to work, so I managed to twist the arm of a mate to take on the giant task of prepping the car. The results of several months of hard work speak for themselves.

By the time I got the car back from panel and paint, I had picked up an RS diff setup to replace the stock AYC system because I knew what would be in store for the car. The early model AYC diff can be problematic as usually the pump eats itself or the casing has a sook with the extra strain and cracks. The easiest solution is to bin and go with the more predicable mechanical rear. Behold my new diff supported by a Dryden Motorsports fitting kit.


I had planned for 2015 to be a big year of racing but after plenty of bad luck, time at the paint shop and conflicting work schedule, it left me only able to race one round. Luckily it was the round at Reid park so I got to test out the new tyres and – more importantly – how the new diff acted. I quickly discovered the biggest problem now was my lovely open front diff is an even bigger pain in the ass! But never the less, it was a great weekend and very little damage was done compared to previous years.


I was pretty happy with how the car had behaved with absolutely zero issues until the drive home… My clutch finally shat itself after taking four years of not so gentle launching. It was at this point I stopped driving the car as any attempt to build boost resulted in a slipping clutch, making it a pain to drive. Knowing how much of a pain it was going to be to change the clutch, I saw this as the right time for my little side project I’ve been working on to make its way into the car.


For the last two years I’ve been working towards this engine making its way into the car, it’s a Mivec 2.4 built by JHH performance engineering and I can’t wait to fire it up! So sure enough a few weeks ago when I had a couple of spare days and the help of my mate Aron (who is much more experienced than me), it was out in a jiffy!


So at this point in time the gearbox and transfer will be off to NEAT to get stripped down, inspected and rebuilt with a few upgrades. I hope to have the car only off the road for six months, but we shall see how long it takes!

A special thanks to Chris from Fibrefinish and Guy, for the fuck tonne of effort that went into the new guards and paint work on the car so far, and a big thanks to Aron for giving up his time to come pull the motor out! Hopefully in a few months I’ll have a running car again!

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