Video: Japan Trip 2014

The Yellow Brick Road
March 5, 2016
JapNQ 2016
September 12, 2016

If you’ve been to visit us here on our website before, you would know that back in 2014, a few good friends, my partner and I travelled to Japan, for what would be one of the best experiences of my life. We arrived in Osaka in early November where we picked up a few drift cars – mine being the silver 180sx – before heading north, and spending 2 weeks touring Japan. The first week was spent heading up through Matsumoto, to Ebisu Circuit for Golden week and Matsuri, before heading back south through Tokyo, Mt Fuji and back to Osaka.

This video will give you a brief view of what we got up to in our time spent in J-Land. There is so much more footage that I don’t have time to show, and that is after losing the majority of DSLR footage (must have dropped a few cards somewhere along the way).

Thanks to Paige, Jake, Leon, Alyssa and Kate for recording footage wherever they could.

I know that this won’t help take the pain from losing Proserpine away, but hopefully it will distract you for a few minutes instead!



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