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August 6, 2016
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For the second year in a row, I somehow managed to drag my-hungover-self out of bed early enough in the morning to attend this years all Japanese car show, JapNQ. This time however, would be different for me, having been able to bring a car of my own for the first time! So, filled with anticipation, the regret of too many beers, servo food (so much regret), and powered by the wondrous nectar-of-the-gods that is Red Bull, I idled my way down to Reid Park in preparation of what would be my favorite JapNQ to date.


It wasn’t long before the event organisers Scrad and Winnie showed up to begin the day’s setup. It’s not very often that the people behind the scenes are shown appreciation, so I thought I might point out that these two organise this event annually, out of their own pocket, donation all monies collected by vehicles entering to DriveIt in support of building a motorsport facility in North Queensland.


After some terribad photos that will be shown at a later date, a quick catch up and flogging a sticker (thanks lads!), it was time to get my car parked and help organise a few cars that had arrived early.


If you are a regular reader of Ziptie MS, or follow myself on Instagram, you might recognize the car. That’s right! Its here! My 180sx that I drove in Japan through November 2014. The car is almost exactly the same as when I drove it there, aside from the 4×4 ride height that was needed to get the car on the boat for Australia.


Don’t mind the rusty watermarks left by my trailer, I didn’t want to wipe it off while the import writing was all over the windscreen. You will see much more of this car upcoming! Hopefully I’ll have it ready for the October Drift Day in Townsville, but with another trip to Japan coming up, I have other priorities. Enough of my excitement, moving on!


The cars were continuing to roll in while I was off catching up with people I haven’t seen in ages, or letting people sit in my car and explaining the story about where it came from, like this FC RX-7 that had such a cool vibe, I was drooling for a while and I could swear that Jesse wanted to hump the owners leg.


Before you knew it, the carpark was filling with all kinds of Japanese car variants and enthusiasts from all walks of life.


From children, to… well… yeah.

I think getting a photo of Winnie doing something dumb is just an obligatory thing that is going to have to happen every year now! #sorrynotsorry


There are no awards given at JapNQ, it’s a show and shine for all to enjoy, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t well presented, highly modified cars present. Most modified on the day would have to be Brandon Ratieri’s s14, with everything changed up for drifting. Featuring half the Parts Shop Max catalogue, custom fabrication everywhere and airbrushing up the sides to make it one of a kind – especially around these parts with no dedicated race track.




My personal favorite car on the day, was this purple Prelude that once again, traveled down from Cairns with the 180sx beside it. Growing up in the 90’s when Autosalon was king, Honda was the brand of choice for over the top modification. And while this particular car wasn’t excessive in the least, the color, CF bonnet, and overall presentation brought back nostalgic memories that make me want to do bad things like sell a Nissan to buy one.


While I’m highlighting cars and the 90’s in general, this Trueno notch-back showed up and parked down the far end of the car-park while I was ogling the Honda. The period correctness of most of the modifications and the obviousness of the cars popularity – thanks by no small part to Initial D – meant that it wasn’t long until I couldn’t get a clear shot.


I do say 90’s, because back then, even these little corolla’s were near new and relatively expensive. So while the engine swap is popular now, it wasn’t seen anywhere near as much as the ITB’s and long runner exhaust manifolds.





Another car that was present, but not really present. Off to the side of the show, this s15 is obviously well used and hardly in a condition to show, but I personally can’t help but like when these cars are used well.




Marque NQ was holding another of their sprint series rounds over the weekend, allowing JapNQ access to the carpark. Don’t forget to show them your appreciation and head down to some of their events throughout the year if you’re in town!






And before I knew it, the time had come to pack up and head home before it got too late. Thanks to all those present for another event made worthwhile, let’s make it bigger and better next year! Hopefully those who came to look over my 180 got as much of a kick out of it as I did showing the car! If you ever see me at any events in future, come over and say hello! My cars are made to be used, not shown, so chances are I’ll still be inviting everyone to jump in and have a look around!

Until the next hangover! Bye for now!

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