Ziptie Garage

August 3, 2013

Friends, Perceptions and Tomfoolery

I go through old pictures of cars I’ve owned and the people I’ve met along the way and it makes me wonder what life would be […]
May 28, 2013

RaceL: progress update 23.04.13

Update time! So I was looking at the prices of all the parts that I’d need to replace on the RaceL before it would be ready […]
March 7, 2013

RaceL: progress update 07.03.13

Got stuck into the excel the other night, decided to get some more pictures too Custom engine mount thanks to Ben and the tiny stock Scoupe GT T15 turbo […]
January 14, 2013

RaceL: progress update 14.01.13

    Just a quick update today, to keep you up-to-date with my budget racing project. On the weekend with help from a few mates we […]